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WindSGC-2 JSC has obtained the permit for the Medvezhenskaya wind farm construction in the Stavropol Krai


WindSGC-2 (a part of NovaWind JSC) obtained the permit for the construction of the Medvezhenskaya wind farm with a total capacity of 60 MW in the territory of Trunovskiy urban district, the Stavropol Krai.
The receipt of the permit was preceded by a positive opinion of design document expert examination issued by the State Expertise in Construction, the Stavropol Krai Autonomous Institution, for the construction of a wind farm that includes 24 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each.
Successful expert examination confirms that the design documents for construction facilities comply with the site investigation results and the requirements specified in all technical regulations, in particular environmental, sanitary, epidemiological, fire safety requirements, regulatory and technical documentation and the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation.
The Stavropol Krai is a key region for the projects implemented by NovaWind JSC. Today, Kochubeyevskaya Wind Farm, the country’s largest wind power plant with a capacity of 210 MW is in operation in the region, and two more wind farms with a total capacity of about 180 MW are under construction.