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ROSATOM offers industrial consumers to reduce power supply costs with the program named “Commercial dispatching based on an energy storage system”


Rosatom’s companies offer industrial consumers to equip their sites with a smart energy accumulation system with a capacity of 1–3 MW based on Li-Ion batteries without attracting own investments for its purchase in order to reduce power supply costs. “Commercial dispatching based on an energy storage system” program was developed by RENERA (part of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company) and AtomEnergoPromSbyt (part of Rosatom’s wind power division NovaWind). 

The developed power management service is based on controlling the power consumption load profile of an industrial enterprise, which can be adjusted due to a controlled decrease or a load shift by changing the operating modes at the enterprise, and due to an energy accumulation system, which does not require any changes in the existing operating modes. 

The project is based on up-to-date digital solutions, such as mathematical modelling with the use of predictive analytics and big data analysis, a centralized system for remote monitoring and control of top-level storage systems and the storage system itself, which is installed at the consumer’s site and equipped with a built-in software and hardware system. The cumulative effect from installing the module reaches RUB 14 million per installed megawatt in annual electricity costs. 

Reduction of electricity costs is achievable due to an energy storage system based on Li-Ion batteries accumulating energy at the time of low electricity prices and feeding it back into the local grid during “expensive” peak hours of the regional energy system. These mathematical models are Rosatom’s in-house design and underlie the operation of the entire automated software and hardware system which allows to plan the best operating mode for the storage system in order to have the maximum economic benefit for a particular consumer. 

All the equipment, software and hardware necessary to implement the power management service will be provided at the expense of AtomEnergoPromSbyt and then returned under an energy service agreement with an industrial consumer. The list of equipment includes both the storage system delivered by RENERA and the centralized system for its remote monitoring and control based on Russian-designed AlteroUniversal platform by AlteroSmart company. 

You can apply for participation via email to or with the subject line “Participation in the power supply cost optimization program”. At the first stage, for the preliminary assessment of the possible participation in the program, you should provide data on hourly electricity consumption profile indicating the calculated voltage level. The next step is to determine the place for installing and connecting the equipment and the main substation to the local grid. 

“Today we are witnessing growing interest of industrial consumers in the application of energy storage systems. To give further impetus to decision-making on the energy storage system (ESS) projects and assess all the benefits, we have developed a special program based on a new-class energy accumulation system that will allow enterprises to achieve significant savings. Our proposal will be of interest to industrial consumers who pay separately for electricity and capacity, have an uneven load schedule. The program is aimed at medium and large industrial enterprises,” noted RENERA CEO Alexander Kamashev. 

“Electric power industry is facing significant changes resulting from the widespread application of new automation systems in the management and operation-related technological processes of generation facilities, the electric grid complex, and in the production processes of industrial enterprises. The smart power management service developed by AtomEnergoPromSbyt specifically for qualified power consumers, is part of the changes taking place in the industry and is aimed at optimizing the costs of an individual enterprise. Rosatom acts in this project as a customer and integrator of the entire development cycle – from mathematical modelling to automation and assembly of an industrial storage system. I hope that our proposal will be of interest to industrial enterprises and large holdings”, Grigoriy Nazarov, CEO at NovaWind, pointed out. 

On 22 March 2022, the first Russian commercial power management module made by RENERA (part of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company and a manufacturer of energy storage systems) was put in operation at the production site of ZiO Podolsk (part of Rosatom’s power engineering division AtomEnergoMash).