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Electric power storage system supply and provision of services for its dispatch

In order to reduce capacity charges on the retail electricity market, Atomenergopromsbyt JSC offers industrial consumers with peak power of over 3 MW the supply of an electricity storage system based on lithium-ion batteries (hereinafter - ESS) and the provision of related dispatch services. 

The ESS dispatch service includes ESS operating mode management (charge/discharge) based on its technical parameters (power, capacity, charging/discharging rate, depth of discharge, overall efficiency) and market factors (forecast of peak hours in the region, weather, demand forecast). 

Atomenergopromsbyt JSC offers to conclude an agreement for enterprises to provide this service on the basis of energy service. The company is already conducting a number of pilot projects at sites as part of the provision of services for optimizing consumption schedules. The service includes selection of the optimal configuration, the supply of container-type ESS from reliable suppliers with a capacity of up to 2 MW as well as its management according to company's own algorithm.

Atomenergopromsbyt JSC is one of the few companies in Russia developing its own solutions in terms of ESS selection and management and their integration into the peak demand dispatch service. As part of furthering solutions for ESS management, all the offers present on the Russian market have already been analyzed. Atomenergopromsbyt JSC can also provide ESS selection services for various consumer needs.

Over the past 10 years, the ESS sector has grown by 48 times, and the total capacity of storage facilities is expected to be 1 TW by 2040, with about 1 GW of small storage devices totally installed at consumers "behind the meter".