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Cookies policy

We use cookies and similar instruments on our website to improve its performance and your user experience.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files, which the website places on your computer (or mobile device), when you visit the website for the first time. Cookies allow the website to recognize your device when you visit it next time, help you to remember your user name or preferences and recommend content, which is more suitable for you based on your previous behavior on the website. The term “cookies” is used as regards to all file, which gather information in a similar manner.

Some cookies contain personal data. For example, if you click on “remind me”, when loading the file remembers your user name. However, a majority of cookies gather general information, such as where you are from (place, geographic zone), rather than identifying details.

What cookies are used by NovaWind JSC?
Without going into details, our cookies perform four various functions:
  • 1. Basic cookies.
    Some cookies are important for operation of your website. For example, some cookies allow you to identify subscribers and to guarantee they visit only pages they are subscribed for. If a subscriber chooses an option to cancel these cookies, he/she will not be able to get access to all contents, provided by the subscription.
  • 2. Operative cookies.
    We use other cookies to analyze how visitors use our website and to monitor its indicators. This allows us to render high quality services through provision of prompt access to most popular web-pages.
  • 3. Functional cookies.
    We use such cookies to remember your preferences. For example, functional cookies help to save your time when filling in various forms, as well as to save your preferred settings.
  • 4. Other cookies.
    We also use cookies to gather statistics, to monitor a traffic on the website (for example, when operating Google Analytics), to improve functionality of the website and to identify use of bots (robots).
Some advertisers use cookies to provide users with advertisements based on their preferences. If you are a EU resident and want to get more information on how advertisers use certain cookie or to unsubscribe, please visit Remember: if you chose to disable cookies, you may find out that some sections of your web-site are not properly functioning.

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