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NovaWind JSC a Rosatom’s division responsible for the “wind power” strategy, took part in one of the largest international wind power exhibitions: WindEnergy Hamburg 2018


The exhibition was held on September 25 to 28 in Hamburg, Germany. This is the most prominent wind energy event, presenting products of world industry leaders, including Lagerwey and Enercon, NovaWind technology partners.
At the exhibition, NovaWind and Red Wind, a Russian-Dutch joint venture, presented the wind farm projects with a total capacity of 1 GW in Russia, and a program to localize the production of Lagerwey wind turbines.

According to NovaWind, “WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 is not only a platform that opens up broad marketing opportunities to present a future product, but also a tool to study the world’s best wind energy practices in terms of their localization prospects in Russia.”

Currently, NovaWind is constructing the first 150 MW wind farm in the Shovgenovsky and Giaginsky districts of Adygea. It is the largest wind farm in Russia. While the roads’ construction is under way, workmen’s trailers, soil-testing lab and construction site headquarters are already in place. Wind turbines’ foundation works have started as well.

Simultaneously with Adygea Wind Farm construction project, NovaWind is preparing other sites for the investment phase. The technical specifications for grid connections for future wind farms in Stavropol Region are in place and measurement systems are being installed. The Stavropol Region will become the next site for wind farms with more than 200 MW overall capacity. Works are in progress in the Krasnodar Regions. In the Rostov Region, wind measurement has been started.