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Gazprombank and ROSATOM expand cooperation in wind energy up to 1 GW


Gazprombank and WindSGC-2 JSC, which is a part of ROSATOM, announced the final closure of a complex bank financing deal for a wind power plant project in Russia with a total installed capacity of 340 MW. The commissioning date for the last wind power plant is scheduled for December 2022.
As part of the deal, Gazprombank will provide WindSGC-2 with financing in the amount of 40 billion rubles for a period of 12 years.
Gazprombank also gained a 49.5% share in the capital of the project company WindSGC-2. The controlling stake in WindSGC-2 remains in the ownership of ROSATOM entities.
Since 2017, the Bank has been financing the first ROSATOM project for the construction of 660 MW of green capacity, 360 MW of which has already been commissioned, and the remaining 300 MW is planned to be put into operation by the end of this year.
“We are pleased to announce the strengthening of our successful cooperation with ROSATOM and the conclusion of the second joint wind power deal, which is in line with the Bank's ESG strategy. Successful experience in the WindSGC project made it possible to arrange financing of the WindSGC-2 project in the shortest possible time, and optimize the level of support from the project initiators. Together with the VetroSGC project currently underway, the total ROSATOM green capacity financed by the Bank reached 1 GW to a value of over 100 billion rubles. The focus on low-carbon energy sources has been growing significantly in recent years, and Gazprombank is actively financing sustainability projects,” noted Alexey Belous, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprombank.
“Commitment to sustainable development is in line with global trends and is enshrined in ROSATOM's strategy. We strive to maximize the green, sustainable component of our product portfolio. We certainly consider both wind generation and atomic power to be such green activities due to the minimal emissions of greenhouse gases. It is important for us to see that the end user and the market as a whole also perceive our work in terms of sustainable development, consider our products as environmentally friendly and aimed at improving the quality of human life. The deal with Gazprombank is an excellent experience for us and it confirms our strategic approaches to doing business. We hope that various forms of green financing will become a regular practice for ROSATOM,” said Kirill Komarov, ROSATOM First Deputy Director General.
“As part of wind energy projects, ROSATOM has established a full range of competencies in the new industry – from the creation of its own wind turbine production and an effective supply chain with the involvement of ROSATOM enterprises to the construction of wind farms, commissioning, further operation and maintenance of wind power plants. ROSATOM's two largest wind farms are already supplying electric power to the Russian unified grid. Four other wind power plants will be commissioned this year. We plan to further increase the portfolio of orders in Russia, and enter international markets as a developer of renewable energy projects with Russian equipment,” noted Aleksandr Korchagin, NovaWind CEO.