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Part of Rosatom’s wind power division and Chiesi signed an agreement for the purchase of I-REC green certificates


Atomenergopromsbyt JSC (part of NovaWind JSC) and the Russian division of the Chiesi Group (Italy) signed an agreement for the purchase of I-REC green certificates that confirm the renewable origin of electricity.

In this way, Chiesi strives to reduce its environmental impact by implementing a model based on responsible consumption and production in order to save resources for future generations. The agreement provides for the further redemption in respect of a full amount of electricity consumed by the Russian branch of Chiesi in 2021.

“We understand that the green agenda will continue to develop actively in the coming years. The transition of Russian companies to decarbonisation is possible only if this process is open, transparent and includes active engagement of all parties concerned. The signed agreement certainly confirms that Rosatom is ready to provide its partners with various tools to implement their strategies in responsible consumption, production and sustainable development,” said Grigoriy Nazarov, CEO of NovaWind JSC.

“Taking care of the environment is not a present day trend; it is our reality and responsibility of every player in the market. For Chiesi in Russia, this is a very big strategic step towards carbon neutrality. We are very pleased that now we have the opportunity to purchase green certificates and, thanks to Atomenergopromsbyt, we are making a contribution to saving the environment,” said Artjom Molkov, Chiesi Russia Engineer.

Proper use of energy plays a fundamental role in reducing the impact of human activities on the climate. The Chiesi Group activities around the world should provide certain support for the Energy and Environmental Transition in line with the sustainable development goals. Cooperation with Atomenergopromsbyt allowed Chiesi to gain access to green certificate acquisition and take a big step forward in implementing the sustainable development strategy in Russia. The Chiesi Group has also committed to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2035 and is consistently following this strategy.