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VetroSGC JSC wins a contract for construction of wind power generating facilities with a total capacity of 360 MW


The JSC "Administrator of the Electric Power Market Trading System" has announced the results of a competitive selection process for investment projects for construction of generating facilities functioning on the basis of renewable energy sources (RES).
In accordance with the results of the competitive selection process, JSC "VetroSGC" (a subsidiary of JSC "OTEK" – a division of the State Corporation "Rosatom" for the management of non-nuclear assets) was the winner of a contract for construction of wind power generating facilities with a total power of 360 MW. Most of the power generation capacity – 280 MW – should be put into operation before December 2022, with 40 MW in 2020 and 40 MW in 2021.

The total power generation capacity awarded to JSC "VetroSGC" facilities is 970 MW or 43% of the Russian wind power generation market. This corresponds to the Rosatom’s strategy strategy in the RES.

“The 2017 bids have shown a significant revival of the market. I am sure it was due to the large-scale participation of Rosatom in last year’s selection process. We consider the current results as positive. With 2016 results in our backlog, in total VetroSGC has almost 1 GW of windfarms with good CAPEX figures per 1 kW of installed capacities,” noted Deputy Director for Development of Integrated Thermal Power Company, JSC, the managing company of JSC "VetroSGC", Emin Askerov.