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Syrian and Egyptian Graduates Visit ROSATOM's Wind Energy Division Facilities


The event has been part of the New Generation Presidential Program of Rossotrudnichestvo

Over thirty young professionals from Syria and Egypt paid a visit to the Wind Energy Division's facilities on May 27 and 29, 2024. The visit was part of a specially-organized information session titled "Learning about the experience of project implementation in the field of RES" as part of the Rossotrudnichestvo presidential program "New Generation."

The delegation comprised technical university professors, engineers, electricians, mechanical engineers, system analysts, and supervisors of electric power projects.

The primary goals of the tours were to raise awareness of RES technologies in Russia and to learn more about the organization and construction of wind power plants. They also aimed to familiarize participants with the experience of production localization.

The first facility visited was ROSATOM’s plant in Volgodonsk, which produces wind power plants with a capacity of several megawatts. The primary areas of WPP component production and their construction process were demonstrated to the program participants. "We showcased our plant's technology, which are employed to make wind power plant components, as part of the expedition. I'm happy that both our foreign guests and young Russian specialists are showing interest in our wind power project. In order to exchange experiences, ROSATOM is actively forming alliances with friendly nations. All guests to our production plant have already gotten involved in the wind power industry as a result of these outings”, according to Fedor Poltorakov.

The next day, the program participants were acquainted with the building and setup of the wind farm as well as the workings of wind turbines by the Wind Energy Division staff when the young specialists visited ROSATOM's Marchenkovskaya Wind Farm. The guests witnessed the workings of Russian software, which enables the real-time gathering of data for the analysis of the wind farm's performance and timely staff response.

On the last day, representatives from the Wind Energy Division's enterprises briefed experts from Syria and Egypt about the operations of the Moscow offices, discussed international projects and priority development areas, and addressed any last-minute queries. Additionally, a demonstration of the commercial dispatch center was held in Atomenergopromsbyt's office. This cutting-edge decision support system uses machine learning and contemporary data analysis techniques to forecast the production of power.

"A short but intense and active programme was ahead of us — we visited four facilities of ROSATOM. Our colleagues showed us all the stages of functioning of a full-fledged electric power facility — from production of wind power plant components to operation of wind farms and monitoring of daily power generation. I am glad that I had the opportunity to personally visit the operating energy facilities of such a large company as the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (ROSATOM) and talk to professionals. I am sure that the knowledge and experience gained today will be useful to me in the future," said Bashar Salom, electrical systems engineer at the General Electricity Company of Tartous Province (Syria).


Background information:

The Wind Energy Division of ROSATOM consolidates the State Corporation's efforts in advanced segments and technology platforms of the electric energy industry. The Division was incorporated in September 2017. Its focus is on managing all of the competencies of ROSATOM in the wind energy sector, from design and construction to power engineering and WPPs operation. To date, ROSATOM has commissioned over 1 GW of wind power capacity. In total, by 2027 ROSATOM will put into operation wind power plants with a total capacity of about 1.7 GW.

"New Generation" is a presidential programme of short-term study visits to Russia by young representatives of political, public, scientific, and business circles of foreign countries. Every year within the framework of the programme Rossotrudnichestvo, together with partner organisations, invites about 1000 people from different countries to Russia. Study tours are organised in different professional areas. Participants do internships, attend lectures and master classes, develop joint projects, and get acquainted with the sights of Russia. The programme is open to young foreign leaders between the ages of 25 and 35. Candidates are recruited by Russian Houses as well partner organisations. Participants, following their trips to Russia, stay in touch with their Russian colleagues, actively cooperate with the Russian Houses, and promote joint projects and initiatives.