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Peak demand dispatch

One of the options for reducing energy costs is to cut down fees for capacity and electricity transmission. However, cost-effective regulation of the consumed capacity load from the central electric networks remains a challenge for many companies. The solution to this problem requires industry-specific knowledge of the pricing procedure in the electricity market, as well as availability of competencies in the field of forecasting, calculating and designing optimal load shedding scheme without restricting the company's production process.

The service of dispatching peak demand of energy consumption facilities at enterprises helps to solve the problem. It involves the search for flexibility in power consumption at the company, which does not affect the production process, and the issuance of daily recommendations on the use of flexibility to optimize the load shedding scheme in order to reduce capacity and transmission charges. 

The peak demand dispatch service usually does not require investments, and the effect of savings can become evident in a month. Using this service, companies will be able to obtain significant savings and reduce peak demand on an electrical grid during peak hours, which are taken into account when calculating transmission tariffs and capacity purchase prices.

The specialists of Atomenergopromsbyt JSC not only possess the necessary competencies and knowledge to make accurate forecasts and generate optimal load shedding schemes, but they also develop their own software enabling them to quickly predict peak hours of Commercial Operator performance, affecting electricity prices, as well as provide operational recommendations on adjusting the load shedding scheme.