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Unified service for collection and processing of commercial and technical electricity metering data

In order to optimize the operation costs and improve metrological support of Automated Measuring and Information System for Electric Power Fiscal Accounting (AMIS EPFA), as well as to ensure technical feasibility of developing and implementing projects aimed at reducing the cost of electric power and capacity consumed by branch enterprises, Atomenergopromsbyt JSC is considering the possibility of implementing a project in 2020 to create a measuring and computing system with a single top-level database server and switch to a centralized unified scheme for automatic collection, processing, storage, transmission and display of data related to commercial and technical electricity metering in a user-friendly form for analysis.

As of today, the structure of commercial electricity and capacity metering data transmission  to the wholesale market infrastructure providers and related entities is such that each consuming enterprise is forced to operate its own AMIS EPFA and bear the information and computer system maintenance costs, AMIS EPFA calibration service costs, and the costs for amending metrological documents. In addition, the existing structure does not allow Atomenergopromsbyt JSC to obtain operational data on electricity consumption and to respond to changes in the composition of the supply/measurement points of the wholesale and retail electricity markets promptly, which impedes the effective implementation of optimization measures as part of the current tasks. 

Creating a unified service and changing the structure of the collection and transmission of data from commercial electricity and capacity metering will enable:
  • optimization and consolidation of operating and metrological support costs of AMIS EPFA employed by companies of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation;
  • consolidated receipt of operational data on electricity consumption, which is a key condition for flexible load profile management in terms of constantly growing capacity prices;
  • implementation of new engineering and process innovation capabilities in terms of electricity and capacity metering.

Atomenergopromsbyt JSC is planning to operate this service and provide metrological support for AMIS EPFA measuring channels at its own expense without further transmission to consumers.

Technical support of new data collection and transmission system will be impossible without the participation of consumers, consisting in the following:
  • Providing direct remote access to metering devices from a unified service using company's existing local networks and/or by installing additional GPRS communicators. In particular, approval of this decision by the enterprises' security services.
  • Proper measuring systems operation, i.e. timely calibration, replacement and repair of electric power meters and measuring transformers.
  • Maintenance of GPRS communicators and communication equipment.