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Wind Turbine 2.5 MW

Today the 2.5 MW wind turbine is the most in demand globally

Specifications of the 2.5 MW L100:

direct drive (without gearbox)

tower height:

wind wheel diameter:
100 m

overall dimensions of nacelle:
4,89х3,55х3,64 m

nacelle weight (without generator):
18 tons

hub weight:
20 tons

generator weight:
52 tons

tower mass:
200 tons

sectional modular tower

Control- and safety system
Control- and safety system

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Natural cooling.

The L100-2.5MW is cooled by the natural airflow around the stator.
Reduced number
of components.

The design eliminates a gear drive or multiplying gear, excitation windings and power slip rings.
Guaranteed long-term operation of the generator over the whole life cycle.

The permanent magnets in the generator rotor and the stiff copper windings in the stator are vacuum impregnated with high quality resin.
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The nacelle is the lightest and most compact in this WT class in the world.

The nacelle has only those assemblies that are necessary.
The nacelle houses an internal service crane.

The hatch in the back of the nacelle can be used to lift loads with the help of an internal 500 kg service crane.
The nacelle provides access to all control systems.

All systems and sensors are inside the nacelle. The hatch on the top provides access to wind station sensors.
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Modular steel tower

No restrictions on the height of the tower.

There are no restrictions from the transport infrastructure to the height of the assembled tower.
Easy-to-transport solution.

The tower is transported in crates of stacked sheets on standard trucks.
The tower weight relative to the standard one is less by 40%.

It is possible by using a smaller metal thickness.
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Hub and
Main bearing

Adjustable rotor speed.

The rotor has three blades with individual pitch angle control to adjust rotor speed.
Automatic lubrication system.

All bearings are equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which is controlled through the blade pitching control system.
The maintenance is not a problem.

The rotor hub can easily be entered through the hollow shaft of Main Bearing to facilitate maintenance.
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and safety

All functions and sensors of the WTG will be monitored and controlled 24/7.

The Turbine Controller monitors and controls the wind turbine operational functioning.
The power system is duplicated.

The batteries are continuously monitored for deterioration during operation.
The system is build up in a modular way.

The control and safety functions take place locally, close to processes. This ensures direct control and safe operations under all conditions.